In which we open source our knowledge base

We don't like to solve the same problem twice. That's why whenever we figure out something, we document it for the rest of the team. Over the last year we collected quite an amount of code snippets and HOWTOs this way.

This September we decided to take our in-house knowledge base and publish it for everyone to see. makandra notes contains some 200 HOWTOs and 500+ links for Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Cucumber and Javascript and is growing every day.

Whether you're looking to deliver Paperclip attachments securely, test concurrent Ruby code or marry Capybara with SSL-enabled applications, chances are we already solved your problem for you.

We hope that our notes will become a valuable resource for other developers working in our field. And if we could help you, or if you have an idea how to make makandra notes better, please let us know.

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Mon, 27 Sep 2010 20:47:00 GMT

by henning